ViaVox group is one of the most dynamically developing Polish companies in the Business Process Outsourcing sector. Call and contact center services the main specialization here. Via Vox group acts as an external, comprehensive customer service office, therefore it is a partner that manages a strategic process for each business – sales.

We specialize in providing Business Process Outsourcing services, including running business partner service offices and supporting marketing and sales activities. The company has a modern communication platform that provides business partners with new opportunities to effectively reach customers. The goal is to provide comprehensive and professional service within customer projects. Thanks to the use of an integrated multi-channel communication model, VVgroup provides the client with an effective tool for monitoring business contact, which allows very precise transfer of relevant information to the recipient using the form optimal for him. 

At the same time, VVG offers you a temporary work service which is a modern and flexible form of employment and personnel management. As a guarantor of quality, we recruit, hire and delegate qualified and trustworthy employees to the client at the place and time indicated by him. Our employees quickly and easily become an integral part of your staff and carry out strictly defined tasks.

VVG takes over the entire burden related to recruitment, employment and all administrative and legal services for the employees delegated to the client. You only pay for the actual number of hours worked. Thanks to its flexibility, the temporary work service allows you to better manage costs, which makes your company more competitive on the market.

We have a lot of experience in cooperation with large logistic centers and production factories that appreciate the advantages of temporary work, such as:

• flexibility and optimization of employment

• elimination or significant reduction of the cost of overtime

• focus on core business – the employment agency takes over all formal and legal matters in the field of recruitment of candidates and the creation of personal documentation.

• lowering the operating costs

• transfer of costs from the personnel budget to the budget of external services.

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